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The subject of the article i read was the oil spill that took place in April 2010. The main focus of these articles is whether or not President Obama really did halt the drilling in the Gulf or not. To be factual factcheck took articles and searched through them to find the actual truth behind them, if there was any at all. The proof is at the bottom of the web page and explains where the documents were wrong and also gives the right information. One thing that was found to be an outright lie was Obama said he issued a six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf when in reality he left out the fact that the moratorium was only in affect for new drilling projects, and shallow water drilling was left out completely. Their proof of this statement is found in an article attatched to Obama’s statement. I believe that fits some of the journalistic requirements but ultimately isn’t because it’s a nonprofit, independently run, and unaccountable.


The article i read for politifact was titled “Lie of the Year: ‘A government takeover of health care”. The topic was about Obama’s healthcare proposal and whether or not the government would in fact be taking over for independent health care and employment health care. Politifact found nothing in the article to be true, stating that whoever wrote it was on a new level of falsity. Lies that are in the article include government seizure of hospitals, employers will not continue to provide health care, and people will not recieve as much private health care. The way this was proven was by stating the actual facts and giving a reliable source. I believe that Politifact fits all the journalistic requirements because their information all comes from first person sources and it is stated where it comes from.

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